FAQ | ComplianceGO

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ComplianceGO get regularly updated?

Yes! We update regularly, but it will never interfere with or interrupt your usage! 


Does ComplianceGO help different sectors involved with stormwater inspections?

Yes! ComplianceGO helps construction, post-construction/maintenance, industrial, and municipal inspectors. 


Does ComplianceGO allow for other types of inspections such as environmental and safety inspections?

Yes! Many of our current clients complete SPCC, dewatering, dust control, quality checklists, safety inspections, and more.


How does ComplianceGO save me time and money?

ComplianceGO helps our users cut down inspection time by 50%, meaning that you decrease time and money spent on stormwater, but increase your compliance!


Do you have customer support available?

Yes, we have a fantastic support team that is available 7am to 6pm Mountain Time, Monday to Friday.


Can I create, manage, and amend inspection forms, add and deactivate users in ComplianceGO without having to call support?

Yes, everything that we offer is available for you to do yourself, no phone calls necessary!


If I need to cancel, will I lose all of my data?

No! We hope you’ll never need to cancel ComplianceGO, but we understand that things happen. It’s a simple and easy process to cancel, and you will maintain access to any data you previously put in ComplianceGO per our terms, you just won’t be able to update it. You can also always easily download anything you need and save it to your device.


Is ComplianceGO a 100% paperless management tool SWPPP documents, inspections, map updating, etc?

Yes. Users can store, perform, communicate and manage all of this and more all in one place. Further, site-specific QR codes and view-only links make providing view-only access to others easy.

Do you offer a self signup?

Yes, you can signup for free online without talking to anyone! 


Do I have to put in payment information to sign-up for a free trial on your website?

No! Your 90-day free trial is RISK-FREE!


Do I have to install any special software on our company servers?

No. Once you sign up, you can begin using ComplianceGO immediately. There’s nothing to install, and you’ll never have to update it. You also won’t have any compatibility problems since ComplianceGO works on any operating system.

Does ComplianceGO really offer the lowest pricing in the industry with the most features and most user-friendly platform?

Yes! We pride ourselves in having the best stormwater inspections management software on the market without the huge price tag. Check out our pricing here.


Does ComplianceGO offer different pricing models?

Yes, our pricing is based on industry. We also offer a per-user pricing model as well as per site/project.


How do I choose the pricing model that is best for me?

Talk to a representative to find out how to get the features you need at the lowest price possible.


Can I choose the timing and frequency of invoices?

Yes. Invoices can be set up monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


How does my organization implement ComplianceGO?

Our support team will help you start using ComplianceGO as soon as today and you’ll never have to install any software.


Does ComplianceGO offer training for its users?

Yes! We will train anyone who needs it throughout the duration of their subscription!


Are tutorial videos available?

Yes, we have a help button that has answers to all your ComplianceGO questions, and tutorial videos on our website as well.


Can you help me onboard?

Yes! Reach out to us via phone, email, or through our online chat to schedule a time to get started and we will accommodate you.


Can I onboard myself?

Yes. You can create an account and will be taken through a tutorial that will help you set up sites, assign, and perform inspections. You can also upload your permits, documents, and maps and begin updating those as well.


Can my completed inspection reports in ComplianceGO be accessible to others if wanted?

Yes. ComplianceGO users may grant access to any users to view completed reports, documents, and more. 


Can I print my completed inspections and map updates? Can I manage the SWPPP compliance process in a hardcopy format while using ComplianceGO?

Yes. Users can continue to print and manage hardcopies for inspections, SWPPP management, map updating, and more. For example, you may want your inspections managed electronically but the site map printed and managed in a hard copy. It's up to you how to leverage the software.


Can large companies manage multiple regions and divisions in ComplianceGO?

Yes, ComplianceGO offers differing levels of management to account for companies, divisions, and sites.


Can I control and limit the access for individual employees, clients, and third parties?

Yes! As an administrator (or “Org Editor”) for your organization, you have complete control over what your inspectors, viewers, clients, and other users see.


How do I view and manage sites?

ComplianceGO has a compliance dashboard that is intuitive and easy to use and understand. Everything you need to see is available to you at a glance!


How do I share site information with inspectors and others as needed?

View-only users can be added to any site at any time for controlled access. ComplianceGO also has view-only links and automatically generated QR codes for each site that can be shared as well.

Does ComplianceGO automatically store and maintain completed inspection reports or do I need to have a separate storage location?

Yes! ComplianceGO automatically files and stores completed inspection reports in a cloud-based folder while also allowing other individuals to access them when needed.


Does ComplianceGO track weather events for each of your sites?

Yes, ComplianceGO is the only stormwater inspections software that allows exact weather data including precipitation totals that are accurate down to one meter of your site.


Can our organization brand ComplianceGO?

Yes, you can put your organization’s logo on emails, inspections, action items, and more.


What devices can I use with ComplianceGO?

ComplianceGo’s interface is optimized for any device and adjusts to fit your screen, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or computer.


Are my inspection forms included for FREE when using ComplianceGO?

Yes, there are dozens of forms to choose from, or you can create your own, all at no extra cost to you.


Is my data secure and backed up in ComplianceGO?

Yes! We have multiple backup servers in different locations to protect your data from natural disasters and outages. We also provide you with the tools to secure your data and make sure only the appropriate individuals have access.


Does ComplianceGO offer unlimited users and inspections?

Yes! ComplianceGO is set up to handle all the data you need. Never worry about running out of storage!


Can I run specific reports for my organization?

Yes, you can run reports that show if I have any missed inspections, outstanding corrective action items, or other information or data needed for routine monitoring including annual reports.

Can I use, develop, and manage any form in ComplianceGO?

Yes, you can customize and choose from dozens of state and EPA forms already in our system or easily create your own.

What if I have a form I’m required to use?

If your form isn’t in our system, we are happy to help you create the output that you need and you can still use the user-friendly input.

Are ComplianceGO forms mobile friendly?

Yes! Just like the rest of ComplianceGO, our forms will adjust to fit any device, including phones, tablets, and computers.

Can I attach photos, notes, and documents to my inspections?

Yes, both during the inspection process and after the inspection is completed.

Will ComplianceGO alert me if an inspection is missed?

Yes! Not only will it appear on your compliance dashboard, but it will also email you a reminder. This can be customized at any time.


Will ComplianceGO alert me if a responsive action is not completed within the time frame allowed by my permit?

Yes! When responsive actions are added within a prescribed timeframe, an automatic notification is sent to all stakeholders where desired when the action is still pending.


How will people be able to see where an action item needs to be completed?

When you create an action item you can provide the exact lat/long coordinates making it easy for others to find the exact location of an action item they need to complete.


Can I send specific corrective action items to specific responsible individuals?

Yes, all you need is their email address, and the action item will be sent directly to them to complete without having to log in!


Can I track each lot in a residential subdivision?

Yes, ComplianceGO users can inspect on a per-lot basis or on a per-site basis.


Can I access and control a notification distribution list for each site?

Yes, all users may add and amend any notification recipients at any time.

Can I manage my permits in ComplianceGO?

Yes, you can upload permits with their expiration dates and ComplianceGo will track them for you and send you notifications when they are about to expire, which can be customized at any time.


Can I update my site map in the field with ComplianceGO?

Yes, you can mark up your maps will our mapping tool just like you would on paper, except it’s easier to use, read, and track!

Is ComplianceGO patent pending?

Yes. ComplianceGO is in a patent-pending status with formal patent issuance expected in 2022.


Can ComplianceGO be used for consent decree management?

Yes, ComplianceGO was the first cloud-based solution approved by the EPA for consent decree management.