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Saving Stormwater Podcast

Episode 1 – Hank Tolman and David Duvall

Hank Tolman discusses the implementation of stormwater fees in cities and municipalities with AccenaGroup executive, David Duvall.

Episode 2 – Carl Adams

 Check out what Carl Adams says about stormwater’s effects on citizens and how we can help keep our water clean!

Episode 3 – Tara Ross

Tara Ross discusses some great ideas about managing point source and non-point source pollution in MS4’s and some excellent tips about stormwater education.

Episode 4 – Suzie Housley

Suzie Housley, a scientist at Stormsensor, discusses how important data is to stormwater and the risks out-of-date information has on things like infrastructure, rain events, and more. 

Episode 5 – Laurie Murphy

Laurie Murphy, the president of NPDES Solutions, talks about stormwater permitting, compliance solutions, and how to better coordinate with your city on stormwater management.

Episode 6 – Sean Ahern

Sean Ahearn with Beta Analytic talks about how isotopic fingerprinting can help solve and detect stormwater issues.

Episode 7 – Special COVID Episode

Dan Nedvidek talks about some of the ways we can be saving our planet while practicing social distancing.

Episode 8 – Clayton Hall

Clayton Hall talks about stormwater management with the Texas stormwater permit for industrial facilities.

Episode 9 – Jason Dorney

Jason Dorney, who has spent time as a stormwater inspector for both public and private entities, joins us to talk about stormwater trends over time, how to start a project to keep stormwater in check, and even answers some listener questions!

Episode 10 – Cheryl Moore

Cheryl Moore breaks down some misconceptions about the Florida NPDES generic permit for construction activities and how contractors can avoid stormwater fines on their projects. 

Episode 11 – Joyce Kristiansson

We talk with Joyce Kristiansson, Author of the book “The Last Straw, Change Your Life and the Planet – For Good.” This book has now reached the #6 spot on Amazon’s best sellers list for recycling. 

Episode 12 – Hank Tolman

Hank Tolman answers some intriguing questions regarding stormwater management in Florida Phase II MS4s and MS4s in general.

Episode 13 – James Moore

James Moore from the Georgia Association of Water Professionals. We covered a ton of topics, all related to stormwater!

Episode 14 – Rhett K. Kerby

Rhett K. Kirby talks about the importance of reclamation and stormwater compliance in the construction industry.

Episode 15 – ComplianceGO Crew

ComplianceGO team talks about the viability of self-reporting for stormwater compliance in 2021.

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