Rain and Monsoon

10 Ways to Prepare for Rain and Monsoon Seasons | ComplianceGO

10 Ways to Prepare for Rain and Monsoon Seasons 

  1. Reference your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and make note of potential run-on and run-off areas, including discharge locations.
  2. Communicate site expectations for rainfall to everyone on site.
  3. Inlet protection should be cleaned and positioned to prepare for runoff.
  4. Remember, inlet protection is a secondary BMP, designed to further protect against polluted runoff if other BMPs fail.
  5. Streets are to be kept clean of all pollutants and sediments.
  6. All concrete, and other pollutant waters need to have a designated washout for proper disposal.
  7. Trash and debris are to be placed in designated waste bins and contained at all times.
  8. Porta Potties must contain secondary containment and must also be staked down and located away from all impervious surfaces, storm drain inlets, and sensitive areas.
  9. Make sure applicable sampling kits are on-site and calibrated/ready to go.
  10. If you absolutely have to use on site rain gauges, make sure they are free from interference and regularly emptied so they are ready to go for onsite measurements