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What Exactly IS a SWPPP? Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Definition The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan or SWPPP must be completed according to regulations prior to construction. These requirements are for the construction general permit. The SWPPP must meet the requirements of the permit. Be sure you are using the current template and that it is

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Construction: Stormwater Documentation Requirements Construction Project Documentation Requirements for Stormwater Compliance The construction stormwater permit requires that all stormwater documentation is made accessible to the MS4. The city inspector will need access to the SWPPP, maps, permits, inspections, and corrective actions.  These documents need to be kept updated to be in compliance. The MS4 can

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Why is the Clean Water Act Important? Construction Contractors have to follow stormwater regulations that come from the United States Clean Water Act. One of the purposes of the Clean Water Act is to make the waters of the United States fishable and swimmable. Another purpose of the Clean Water Act is to protect sources

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Stormwater Compliance for Landscape Subcontractors The stormwater permit for construction requires the developer/contractor to ensure that landscape subcontractors or other outside service providers understand and follow the requirements of the permit and the SWPPP pertaining to the specific project and that the subcontractor follows the stormwater requirements. Failure of the governing municipality (MS4) to assure

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