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Make Sure You Don’t Leave These Out of Your SWPPP

General SWPPP Requirements 

SWPPP documentation is critical and is there as your defense if challenged, so here are requirements for the SWPPP that are often left out causing the contractor problems. Your SWPPP must include:

  • A certification signed by the Operator/Owner of the project. Regulators want to know who is responsible for your site. 
  • Any local MS4 requirements. Each city could have its own requirements in addition to those under the stormwater permit. 
  • The name(s) of the inspector(s) and their qualifications.
  • A SWPPP team and their contact information.
  • A map showing pollutants and the BMPs being used.
  • A sample inspection form that meets the permit requirements.
  • The correct inspection frequency for the site (weekly, bi-weekly with rain events, and so forth).
  • Information that matches what the NOI (the permit) says.
  • A NOI that shows who the Owner/Operator is.
  • The schedule that details when inspections will be conducted at the construction site.
  • All BMPs that are going to be used on the construction site, along with how they will be installed and maintained.
  • If the project is near impaired waters. This means waters that are impaired with sediment, TSS, or nutrients.
  • If the project disturbs land near a surface water and any special requirements for working near a waterbody
  • Long-term stormwater management (post-construction) of the site indicating how pollutants are going to be controlled following construction.