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What Exactly IS a SWPPP?

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Definition

The Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan or SWPPP must be completed according to regulations prior to construction. These requirements are for the construction general permit. The SWPPP must meet the requirements of the permit. Be sure you are using the current template and that it is up to date. The SWPPP is a living document and must be kept up to date throughout construction.

The SWPPP provides information for and defines the scope of the project and the sequence of construction. It also identifies the pollutants on the site. And, it describes the controls and practices that will be used to manage the pollutants. The SWPPP is a self-reporting record of site activity during the course of construction. In other words, as inspections are performed, action items identified and completed, maps updated, amendments added to the SWPPP – these actions are documented as part of the SWPPP throughout the course of the project. Remember that the SWPPP is the official legal document that describes all SWPPP management that occurs on the site. When a site is visited by regulators, if it isn’t documented – it didn’t happen. Good records and documentation are the project’s defense when challenged.