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Construction: Stormwater Documentation Requirements

Construction Project Documentation Requirements for Stormwater Compliance

The construction stormwater permit requires that all stormwater documentation is made accessible to the MS4. The city inspector will need access to the SWPPP, maps, permits, inspections, and corrective actions. 

These documents need to be kept updated to be in compliance. The MS4 can help you know what you need to do and help you to be in compliance with state and EPA regulations. When an MS4 inspection is completed the contractor must have access to the information so that the action items can be corrected and taken care of. The loop of the inspection and action items must be closed out so that everyone involved knows that the items have been taken care of. One of the keys to compliance is to find items wrong with your site and to correct them. Good communication between the contractor and the MS4 inspector is important to help stay in compliance.

The SWPPP must be submitted and be in compliance prior to a building permit being issued and construction beginning. It must be managed throughout construction to stay in compliance. Just because a SWPPP is compliant at the beginning of the project doesn’t mean it will be throughout construction if it is not updated. A SWPPP is a living document and must be kept up to date throughout the project.