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A Day Without Water

Imagine your day. You wake up, you go to the bathroom, you take a shower, you take your medications, you brush your teeth, you head to work, you eat lunch, you come home from work, you eat dinner, you watch tv, you go to the bathroom, you go to bed.

Now imagine your day with no water. You wake up. When you go to the bathroom you are greeted by the stench of leftover bathroom experiences, since you can’t flush the toilet. You can’t take a shower, so you probably smell awesome. You grab your pills and put them in your mouth, but you have to swallow without water. You could probably brush your teeth, but you wouldn’t be able to rinse out your mouth.

Now you head to work. When you walk outside your see your dead lawn and frown. You get into the car, which hopefully isn’t overheating because you don’t have any water to put in the radiator. When you get to work you head to the empty water cooler and can’t fill up your tumbler. No one is talking around the water cooler, because why would you talk around an empty water cooler?

Your day may not be fantastic even with water, but without it, it’s a pretty sad day. Here in the U.S., we aren’t quite to the point of living a day without water, but our kids or grandkids might be getting there.

This might sound like doom and gloom, but several communities in my home state of Utah had to put restrictions in place this year on water usage. If we can’t police ourselves, then our governments will start doing it for us.

I don’t want to see a day without water. Neither do you. Let’s try to use a little less now so we don’t have to.