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Your Guide to Evaluating Stormwater Inspections Management Software | ComplianceGO

Your Guide to Evaluating Stormwater Inspections Management Software

  1. Does your software provide a national compliance dashboard separated by divisions, to allow multi-tiered access?
  2. Does your software allow for users to create, edit, manage, and inactivate sites, forms (including certification statements), inspection assignments, weather triggers, permits, documents, users, and user roles?
  3. Are forms controlled by national and division managers, allowing for multi-tiered access to forms on a national or divisional level?
  4. Does your software allow inspection reports to exactly match required industry/MS4/state forms?
  5. Does your software provide for additional signatures beyond the initial inspector signature to comply with national regulations and provide for internal oversight?
  6. Does your software provide advanced, accessible reporting of weather data, including forecasts, precipitation values (including hourly), and event occurrences for the lifetime of the project? 
  7. Does your software provide notifications based on weather events, including forecast probabilities, precipitation values, and combined forecast probabilities and amounts? (These are required in some states.)
  8. Does your software automatically add site specific forecasts, precipitation values, and weather history to inspection reports?
  9. Does your software allow for detailed action item management, including editing, assigning to individuals (users and non users), geolocating action items, automating notifications for late action items, and attaching pictures?
  10. Does your software allow approved individuals who are not logged in to your software to access, close out, and sign off action items? If so, are customizable certifications available for these sign offs?
  11. Does your software allow for internal action item review functions such as manager verification and reopening action items?
  12. Does your software provide a site mapping feature that allows for pollutants, BMPs, notes, and geolocated action items to be added to the SWPPP map/maps, while maintaining an accessible history of all notes and modifications? If so,does it allow you to create a unified legend across all sites on either a company or divisional level?
  13. Does your software allow for immediate high level reporting on key indicators, such as late or missed inspections, action item status, and the number of weather events?
  14. Does your software autosave as you go?