How can you manage a SWPPP properly if it’s not on the cloud? | ComplianceGO

How can you manage a SWPPP properly if it’s not on the cloud?

As Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans become the norm in our construction and industrial communities, proper management of these federally required documents becomes paramount in our industry.

These plans contain records of the self-monitoring activity of the stakeholders involved in a project in order to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act. The information contained therein is important before, during, and after project completion. Hard copy management of these plans creates some interesting challenges while taking up a lot of time. Here are some examples of the challenges of managing hardcopies of each SWPPP:

  • Communication & Submittals – When you need to communicate something urgent to someone, do you write them a note or write a letter? Probably not. You probably give them a call or send a text or an email. Leverage your phone, tablet, emails, and internet links to view, submit, or share documents. It’s a HUGE time saver – and your best friend.
  • Access & Points of Reference – When you access or reference the SWPPP document, or provide others with access or reference, lockboxes, 3 ring binders and rolling out plan sets are a thing of the past. Leverage the technology you’re using to communicate to streamline your processes.
  • Amendments & Redlines – Most documents these days, including site erosion and sediment control maps, are created or amended electronically using computers in an office. If you have to redline a map with a sharpie or pen in the field, ask yourself: is it readable? “Maybe,” is not a good answer. 🙂

Today’s technology provides better ways to comply while saving time and money. Here’s an honest question you should ask yourself that deserves an honest answer: how can you properly manage a SWPPP that’s not on the cloud?

By: Ryan Dickson