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How to Make Your Organization Stand Out Using Erosion and Sediment Control Technology

As our society continues to urbanize with increasing population densities, ongoing private sector development and construction services will need support from Stormwater/Erosion and Sediment Control Businesses to maintain clean sites, water quality, and fish and wildlife habitats. Implementing erosion and sediment control innovation through technology provides a smarter and more sustainable future for us all while helping to distinguish your organization from the rest.

1. Training and Education

Training and Education are a must in order to properly communicate what is needed, quickly, and with little wasted time, resources or effort. Both the public and private sectors need training that is ongoing and is able to be measured and managed. It’s 2022 and we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Gone are the days of getting everyone in a room together. Leverage today’s online learning management systems to not only train large numbers of people in various locations but also control the exact message and objectives. Validated learning with simple tests while ultimately being able to track and manage all learners on an ongoing basis.  

2. Accurate Precipitation Forecasts and Totals

Knowing when it is going to rain or snow and how much, is vital to erosion and sediment control success on projects. Leveraging this data allows you to plan, respond, and evaluate your projects long-term, which will pay huge dividends.

3. Documentation, Documentation, Documentation

Stormwater compliance revolves around engineered erosion and sediment control plans. Self-monitoring records of compliance activity are not only required by most regulations in developed countries, they are often welcomed by construction companies who want to maintain a good reputation and take responsibility as they understand how dirty their job sites can be. Erosion and Sediment Control BMP evaluations, on-site pollutant checklists, inspections, corrective action items, site map management, phasing logs, and weather data should be a minimum part of a project’s regular routine. This includes communication to all stakeholders and the capability of management oversight. How can all of this be managed properly? Today’s cloud-based technology provides all the tools necessary at our fingertips to collaborate and achieve success by properly managing erosion and sediment.