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Looking to Get Your Long-Term Program Started? Here are a Few Ideas!

We see a lot of MS4s that struggle to get their long-term stormwater management program started. Here’s a list of things that MS4s that administer and enforce these regulations are generally required to do:

  1. Create a city ordinance.
  2. Develop design standards for post-construction stormwater controls to be used within the MS4.
  3. Require a Long-term Stormwater Management Plan (commonly referred to as an LTSMP) for all new construction and redevelopment projects.
  4. Provide pre-construction approval of the LTSMP.
  5. Obtain a maintenance agreement from the owners or operators of the property.
  6. Oversee inspection and maintenance requirements.
  7. Obtain an annual verification of compliance activities.
  8. Make a site visit once every 5 years to assure controls are in place and operating properly.
  9. Create an existing facilities inventory to assure all parties are involved.
  10. Consider retrofit for problem areas within the MS4 where such retrofit is needed.

Facilities, shopping centers, and other developed areas are among the biggest contributors to pollution in our country. Implementing an effective long-term stormwater management program can have a significant beneficial effect on water quality. If you want to be compliant, this list is a good place to start!