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The Future of Stormwater Inspections & Documentation is Digital

Managing stormwater inspections and documentation electronically has already taken the industry by storm — and for good reason: Electronic compilation, management, and communication enable greater efficiency and cost savings compared to outdated, manual practices. These facts hold especially true today as we work to overcome challenges imposed by
the COVID-19 pandemic and work to practice healthy social distancing. By managing and communicating through electronic means, the stormwater management industry can continue to maintain compliance regulations while remaining healthy and safe.

Overcoming Antiquities in Stormwater Inspection & Documentation

Historically, MS4 regulations have required hardcopies and binders to be on-site for viewing. These requirements remain largely in place simply because it is the way they’ve always been handled. But continuing to adhere to these antiquated practices in the modern age lends itself to many issues, including:

  • Poor efficiency
  • Increased risk of lost documentation 
  • Decreased security of documentation 
  • Difficult-to-navigate site mapping 
  • Poor communication and accessibility

Rather than relying on outdated methods for documenting and scheduling inspections, stormwater management professionals need a way to manage these processes safely and securely through technological means.

A Needed Change for the Future of Stormwater Management

Many MS4 regulations currently in place operate according to outdated beliefs and policies, such as the need for on-site, hardcopy documentation and “wet signatures.” But cloud-based, automated technological solutions like those offered through ComplianceGO offer the same level of security, authentication, and compliance as hardcopy documentation. In fact, the EPA, CGP, and state NPDES permits for construction stormwater activity all allow for fully electronic management. Digital solutions like ComplianceGO are helping to revolutionize these antiquated policies and enter in a new age of electronic management:

  • Accessibility: Cloud-based technology makes it possible for links and/or online locations to quickly display the needed information in real-time on any device.
  • Authentication: All 50 states have adopted electronic signature standards, allowing documents signed and managed electronically to be certified just as if they were physically signed with a pen. 
  • Efficiency: Documents can all be easily compiled in a readable manner and rapidly deployed to necessary team members. 
  • Security: By storing documents in a secure cloud, you can ensure they’re protected and accessible for the long-term, decreasing the risk of lost or stolen documentation.

Armed with the electronic tools they need to more effectively and efficiently manage stormwater inspections and documentation, management professionals can welcome a new era of efficiency, accessibility, security, and compliance.

ComplianceGO for Electronic Stormwater Inspection & Documentation Management

Say goodbye to wasted time and energy on outdated practices that fail to support the complex needs of the stormwater management industry. With ComplianceGO at your disposal, you can achieve greater efficiency, accessibility, security, and productivity through the life cycle of your stormwater inspection and document management needs.

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