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Alternate Ways to Manage SWPPP’s and Other Documentation

Does stormwater inspections management software include Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), SWPPP maps, and NOI permit management?  

Many stormwater inspections management software do not include the management of other required types of documentation that involve stormwater inspections; namely SWPPPs, SWPPP Maps, and NOI Permits. In 2014, Region 8 of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved ComplianceGO, a stormwater inspections management software, as an all-electronic management system for the SWPPP, SWPPP inspections, SWPPP map, and NOI permits. Since this time, many stormwater inspections specific softwares are starting to include features that allow for full electronic management. 

Can SWPPPs, SWPPP maps, inspections, and other documentation be maintained online instead of being kept on-site?  

Yes, generally. The 2017 CGP allows for electronic management of all things SWPPP as long as onsite accessibility is achieved. This means that hardcopy documents, lockboxes, mailboxes, or other types of document management and storage are not required if online (cloud-based) access can be achieved. The most advanced stormwater inspections management software available today is hosted on the cloud and provides view-only access, links, and QR codes for 24-7 access to all stakeholders.