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Never Buy a Stormwater Inspections Software Without Looking at These 2 Things

Does Stormwater Inspections Software Contain The Right Precipitation Data?  

Despite the integral nature of precipitation data in stormwater compliance, many stormwater inspections softwares do not contain stormwater-specific data, precipitation totals, or forecast percentages. And then, many of the softwares that offer some weather information contain general weather data from nearby weather stations, which may be many miles away from the site.

ComplianceGO is the only stormwater inspections management software that has precise, location-based stormwater-specific data, including precipitation totals and forecasts. This innovative feature leverages the latest in advanced weather technology and is presently in a patent-pending status with patent issuance expected in 2021.

How Much does Stormwater Inspections Software Cost? 

When purchasing any kind of software, cost is always a key factor. You need to know if you are going to get your money’s worth from any software you buy. Stormwater inspections management software is generally offered as a cloud-based subscription Software as a Service (Saas), which cuts down on installation costs and allows users to use a variety of devices.

Subscription amounts and plans vary from one company to another, with some charging by user while others charge per site or facility and most starting in the $100/month range. Some companies also charge set up fees, which are one-time charges when you first subscribe that can be several hundred to a few thousand dollars.

ComplianceGO offers flexible pricing on a per-user or a per-site basis, whichever is best for the end-user. Our plans start as low as $25 per month with no setup costs.