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Common Questions on the MS4 Stormwater Inspection Form

Municipal inspections nationwide are beginning to be the norm for permitted sites discharging stormwater that have 1 acre or greater of disturbance or are part of a common plan of development. Below are 8 common questions often part of a comprehensive regulatory MS4 inspection report.

  1. Is the SWPPP on site and accessible?
  2. Is there evidence of a discharge of sediments or pollutants?
  3. Are pollutant/erosion/sediment control BMPs installed on site per the SWPPP?
  4. Are all BMPs being properly maintained?
  5. Is the SWPPP being updated to reflect current conditions?
  6. Are site inspections recorded by a qualified person during the prescribed time frame?
  7. Have all responsive action items been corrected in the proper time frame?
  8. Are there any inactive disturbed areas that require temporary stabilization?