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“ComplianceGROW” Your Stormwater Management Consulting Business

Running a profitable business involves having control over the factors of production. Less control means less control over production and growth with higher costs and fluctuations in cost. Stormwater consultants are faced with many moving parts as they manage the plans, permits, and inspections of their clients, each of which needs to be managed to ensure growth and profitability. To grow your business and profits, you will need to do these 3 things:

  1. Stop using paper, printouts, hard copies, hard copy signatures, binders, etc.  Aside from the time and cost associated with producing and managing paper documents, they also create a problem for submittals, access, updating, and management – as you have to physically go somewhere to do all of this. Cloud storage and access to SWPPP and permit documents, map updates, electronic signatures, digital inspection reports, and electronic records of corrective actions and completions save time upfront and pay huge dividends over time. Stop physically going from location to location to manage, update, amend, submit, or provide access to the documentation.
  2. Put it all in one place! Are the SWPPP, updated site map, rain data, permits, inspection reports, and corrective action signoffs in different locations? This includes different locations in an office or a construction trailer while maybe also including your email. Today’s technology offers the best way to properly manage all of the documents in the stormwater management process – all in one place. This includes not only storing it all together, but also providing an easy mobile-friendly way for all documentation (like inspections and map updates) to be entered through the same portal for all field personnel/inspectors, office management, corporate oversight, and even regulatory agencies. It’s 2022 – think cell phone vs landline, email vs snail mail – get in the game before the game passes you by. 
  3. Quit manually tracking rain! Get set up for forecasts and precipitation notifications to automatically trigger pre/during/post-rain events. Even better is to make sure that the data you are receiving is exactly for your site – not just the closest weather station! And make sure that all of this information is automatically included on your inspection reports – Voila!  Automated rain notifications specific to your sites will save you a ton of time, money, and headaches while helping your company manage and respond to more sites while ultimately improving your profitability in doing so.

Fitting for this year’s Earth Day celebration, these 3 approaches will help your business grow, and increase your profits while delivering a more sustainable future for us all.