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How to be SWPPP Compliant with On-Site Storage | ComplianceGO

How to be SWPPP Compliant with On-Site Storage


Where fertilization is necessary, always follow these restrictions:

  • Apply the fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Apply at the appropriate time of the year.
  • Avoid fertilizer use prior to heavy rain.
  • Never apply fertilizer to frozen ground.
  • Never apply to conveyance channels with flowing water.
  • Be sure to sweep off sidewalks and streets.  

Landscape Materials

Landscape material storage is aimed at bringing landscape materials on site to complete landscape work. This is an area that is often not in compliance. Landscape materials should be placed on grade and behind other BMPs. If landscape materials are placed in the street, there must be some kind of BMP containment around the base and they should be covered. If the material is fertilizer, it must have secondary containment and be covered.

Site Materials

Building materials stored on site should be organized. When possible, the materials should be undercover. If materials are exposed to rain and snow melt, measures must be taken to prevent pollution.