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Improper Chemical Handling Can Lead to Environmental Damage | ComplianceGO

Improper Chemical Handling Can Lead to Environmental Damage

Environmental damage is completely avoidable with the right planning and tools. We will discuss chemical treatments as a needed erosion control BMP and what resources to consult when using them.

Chemical Treatments

Treatment chemicals should only be used if conventional BMPs are ineffective to protect against erosion. It is a good idea for treatment chemicals to be approved by governing regulations or stormwater regulatory officials prior to being used. All chemical treatment solutions, like any other stormwater BMP, should be utilized in accordance with good engineering practices and properly documented in the stormwater pollution prevention plan. Treatment chemicals should be selected based on the soil types. 

For safety, remember, to always store chemicals properly and comply with local requirements where applicable. All chemical treatment options should be used in accordance with supplier directions and according to specifications. Always make sure those using chemicals are properly trained to avoid injury or harm. Your decisions, one way or another, have an impact on our environment in a positive or negative way.