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Ways to Prevent Erosion and Sedimentation

Stormwater Conveyances and Sediment Basins

Preventing erosion and sedimentation is not as hard as it sounds. We will discuss some ideas below:

Stormwater conveyance channels are used to direct water properly and to avoid unstabilized areas. They are designed and installed to minimize erosion. Conveyance channels should use velocity dissipation devices as needed. Velocity dissipation devices are used to disperse concentrated flow and slow velocities of stormwater flow to a point where they will not cause erosion in vegetated areas or natural drainages.

Additionally, when using sediment basins, a general requirement is to provide adequate storage for a 2-year 24-hour storm. This can also mean 3600 cubic feet per acre drained. If the basin is designed for discharge, there need to be proper outlet structures. These will direct water from the surface where there is a lower sediment content.  

Furthermore, to prevent erosion of the sediment basin you can use erosion control blankets on the banks and use inlet and outlet velocity dissipation devices. The basin must be located outside of surface waters and natural buffers and must avoid collecting wetland waters. The basin must generally maintain a high percentage of design capacity at all times.

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