SWPPP Map – Does it Reflect Current Site Conditions? Carrying on with our theme of SWPPP maps and their importance, let’s talk about the most important question to ask yourself each time you look at the SWPPP map. Does it reflect current site conditions? If the answer to this question is no, you aren’t using

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Georgia Construction Stormwater Permits Georgia has 3 separate Construction Stormwater Permits, all dated May 2018. Construction Permit for Stand Alone Construction ProjectsConstruction Permit for Infrastructure Construction ProjectsConstruction Permit for Common Development Construction Projects Permit Requirements: Stand Alone Construction Projects – Disturb 1 or more acre of land Mixed discharge with Industrial Activity IF Activity is

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Florida Construction Stormwater Requirements The Florida Construction Generic Permit is dated February 2015. Permit Requirements: Florida Construction Generic Permit (CGP) Notice of Intent (NOI) Permits can be filed online using the Interactive Notice of Intent (iNOI) system. A paper copy can also be submitted.A NOI is required for Large and Small Construction Activities in Florida.Large

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Alabama Construction Stormwater Requirements Download the Alabama Construction Stormwater Inspection Form. The Alabama Construction General Permit (CGP) is dated 1 April, 2016. There are 7 CGP areas designated by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), each with a designated contact person. Here is a map of the CGP areas and contacts. Permit Requirements: Construction

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